You Been Talkin’ ‘Bout Me??

Some things are just too good to keep under wraps.  The testimonials my latest round of Detox participants wrote upon completion of their program, are so awesome that they make me want to cry.

group picture 1In fact, I am crying in this picture of the Tel Aviv Detox Final class, which is why my eyes are closed (photo fail!)

“This program made me focus on ME physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is not often that I give myself a gift of honoring the things important to self care.”  -Inbal

“With Emily’s guidance I was able to successfully eliminate sugar and wheat, which was easier than I thought!  I feel full of energy and lost a bit of weight and I know that I can maintain a low sugar lifestyle indefinitely.  Emily is super supportive and her recipes are the best!”  – Lymore

“I reduced my cravings SO much!  I realized I can quit sugar and wheat.  The 4 weeks gave me a total vision of the change.  I liked the cooking lessons!  You are very professional Emily and I always felt supported.”  – Galit

“This Detox changed my life.  Before I was eating without any sort of guidance, feeling sluggish and every day was a struggle with food.  I would feel guilty when I ate dessert and loaded up on carbs.  Now, the more I became focused on this program , the less energy I spent thinking about food and wondering what to eat.  Also my energy levels have increased and my digestion is definitely improved.”  – Francesca

“This program has taught me that I can have control over what I eat and how I look and feel.  I now know that it is up to me to make lifestyle changes if I’d like to live healthier.  I am done with the mindless eating because I now have control over what I put in my mouth.”  – Maayan

“I learned that I can cook healthily for my family and it tastes really good!  They loved everything I did.  They were, as I was, so pleased that I was finally finding control.  I have been trying for so long.  THANK YOU!”   -Sue

“This experience is a true gift.  It gave me exactly what I needed to help myself and enabled me to see clearly where I am going with my health and happiness.”  – Anne

“I realized that I can take control of my eating habits more than I thought I could.  I feel lighter and have dropped weight.  Whereas with Weight Watchers I come to a point where I stop sticking to the rules,  I feel with this programme I can adapt what I learned into my daily routine.  Delicious recipes too!”  – Linda

Shiny Happy People eating Healthy!


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