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I started this journey to improve my health. I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and high blood pressure. I saw my doctor for a check up yesterday and I am happy to report that since March I have gone from 7 medications to 3. My medication doses have been reduced and my blood sugar, HgbA1c and blood pressure are at the low end of normal.
I have been very very motivated by the desire to improve my health. (Still haven’t figured out why it took me about 30 years to get this message …) since January, I have made major changes to my eating and exercise habits and lost ~ 40 pounds. I feel so proud of my successes. Thanks so much Emily! ~ Suzy


You’re an amazing coach, Emily.  You always remember that you weren’t always in the place you are now and that helps me remember the same thing.  You help me make goals that I actually WANT to accomplish by listening and guiding me to them according to my needs. You’ve really helped me realize that I can still have variety AND success.  You’ve also helped me realize I can get started again when I slip up rather than just slink down into my little pity party and not recover.  You’ve helped me learn to set achievable goals to maintain consistency rather than setting huge unachievable goals and getting stuck instead of making progress.  I’ve made so much progress since meeting you.  Thank you!! <3





“When I contacted Emily, I had the feeling that my life was spinning out of control. I realized that I had gained weight and was unhappy with myself.  I had never worked with a coach before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I struggled with believing that I could heal myself, that there was another way and that I could make peace with food. I was so frustrated with yo-yo dieting and never being happy with who I am.

The thing that surprised me the most in my work with Emily, is that I could not believe that I could get off sugar and sweetners, but I did!!  The next surprise was being and staying off dairy products! I had lived on those for so long!! Moving to a more plant-based diet was another transformative step. On a deeper level, transforming the way that I view myself and food was a surprising gift.

1) I lost weight and many people continue to comment on that.

2) I am more patient and accepting of myself. When I eat food which is not best for me, I recognize it for what it is and move on.

3) I take much more time to nurture myself – body and soul.

I would (and do) tell people who ask that working with Emily is best gift they can give themselves or others. Emily has a way of informing and inspiring which is honest and exemplary, supportive and fun. She has so much to give and share yet empowers her clients to find their own answers, rather than just parrot hers. Emily met me where I was and gave me the tools, care and strength to raise me higher than I ever expected.”

ronya avatar ~Ronya




“I contacted Emily because I was finding it ever increasingly difficult to lose weight despite not being a bad eater and also had a desire to eliminate certain things from my diet, especially sugar and other headache inducing items.  I had been on diets before like weight watchers and Nava’s group but I was still struggling to lose a single pound!

I enjoyed Emily’s very friendly and down-to-earth demeanor. She speaks like a friend and someone who has the same struggles as everyone else and you doesn’t push an agenda, rather  personalizes for everyone’s needs. Emily is very human and talks about how we do not need to be perfect.

In just one month, I lost 6 lbs.  I love feeling like I’m putting better things in my body and not putting sugar in especially.  I love that I drink so much more water.  Mostly I loved learning that I can live so easily without sugar, flour, and dairy and still feel satisfied and enjoy my options.”

sher avatar~Sher M.




“My wife had been bugging me to ‘do something about my weight and eating habits’ for almost 10 years (my fault, not hers). Over those years I had tried plenty of various things on my own that never worked out, and on top of that I never felt comfortable going to a third party for help. Then, I visited Triumphwellness.com. The site alone impressed me enough to feel like I could give Emily a shot at helping me. In just 6 sessions, she was able to revolutionize the way I thought about and approached eating food as well as burn off the calories via ‘smarter’ exercising. I still feel like I eat whatever I want to and that I’m not giving up any joy in eating. Plus I feel like finally, after 2 years of running 3 times a week on my own with no noticeable result, my running is starting to pay off. I’m feeling healthier, stronger, lighter, and smarter. Thank you Emily for all your help!”

robbie avatar – Robbie




“Emily, I want to really thank you for all your advice, time, patience and suggestions which have got me through a really difficult period in my life and have given me the motivation to get myself up and moving and taking care of myself again.  You’re so good at what you do!”

danni avatar-Dannii




“Emily, my sessions with you are pure nourishment for my soul.  Just to sit with someone who gets it and then have these wonderful, practical solutions offered to me; what a gem.”

sarah avatar– Sarah




“I cannot believe that after months and months of trying to cut out sugar, just 3 simple weeks of detox with Emily and my sugar cravings are GONE.  My body feels so calm inside with me tuning into what it is telling me it really wants instead of the sugar taking charge and sending me into one sugar binge after another.  If Aroma reports a radical drop in their sale of ice-coffee, you will know why!  Thank you Emily for your honest and humane style of teaching and encouraging!”

19516_813523888721220_1713037741193895197_n– Gail




“During my 3-month program with Emily I lost 10kg and totally changed my attitude towards food.  I used to think food was a reward, but what kind of a reward makes you fat?!  I looked forward to every meeting, learning all the new life skills I know I will carry on and am so happy to have exercise back in my life.  As I lost the weight, I gained back the confidence. Edit: Years later, I’ve lost even more weight!”





“Dear Emily:
I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for all that you have done for me.  When I called you last winter, I was in the worst possible way.  I kept thinking I could, or should, do it all, while doing it all by myself.  Although I was exercising regularly, my eating was out of control, my life was out of control, my kids were out of control.  I was unhappy and didn’t really know why or what I could do about it.  From my first meeting with you, I started to look at things differently.  I really wanted things to change, and you really believed that they could!  You were so understanding of my problems – you had been there.  You made me realize that I really had to take care of myself first.  Although I had heard this before, I guess I really never thought about how I could really do it.  You helped me take control, a little bit at a time.  You encouraged me every step of the way – through my weight loss and  adapting to a healthier eating plan.  You made me feel capable of anything!  You told me I could run a half marathon – and I did!  My meetings with you always left me feeling empowered and capable, excited and motivated.  I am so grateful for our time together!

rachel avatarWith much love, Rachel




“Dear Emily, I don’t know where to begin. You have taught me to listen to my body. You have guided me towards healthful habits and smarter choices. I feel as if I have a renewed lease on life. I feel great and I am full of energy. And it is fun to learn how to put different ingredients together to create a meal. I have to admit I never understood how food effects the body. I guess I didn’t want to know. But it really does – you are what you eat! Saying thank you isn’t enough but I’m saying it anyway. Words cannot express how much you have helped me and how you helped me to help myself. I am so grateful for your wisdom, knowledge and kindness.”   -Anne G.

“Working with you, Emily, has been about the positive things, not deprivation. I enjoy fresh healthy food more since meeting you and I feel better. I see that this endlessly rich palette of food and the new recipes you have provided add freshness and excitement. Most importantly, I reclaimed myself as a priority though this lesson about food which is really about so much more. My life is better for having met you.”   – S. M., Raanana

“Emily is warm, compassionate, gentle, informative and encouraging.  She makes an intimidating challenge safe and surmountable.  She is dedicated to her clients, flexible and easy going.  There is no price tag  on the results you can achieve with Emily.”   Yehudit

“Emily, I really have to thank you for your detox program and support.  My husband and I have together lost 70lbs!!!  I cannot thank you enough.”  – S.G., Raanana, Israel

“It is simply a pleasurable experience being in Emily’s presence.  She is a wide-eyed, giving listener who always has something intelligent to add – an open book, honest and brave to give her own life examples.”  -Y.B., Kfar Saba, Israel

“Hello!  Wake-up Call to those who insist on using artificial sweeteners, white sugar and flour:  I can finally sleep through the night again and feel fantastic with these items off my plate.  Thanks Emily!”  – S.K., Raanana, Israel