Ways We Can Be Together

First of all, I want to thank you all for your support after that last post on Fear.  Seems as though I am not the only one who struggles with the issue.  That felt nice to hear and it also felt wonderful to have been understood.

I know several of you said you would be interested in a Fork Your Fear Facebook group, and I shall be getting that organized and inviting those of you who wanted in.  We shall see where it goes!

In the meantime, there are things about how you and I connect in this big wide world that I want you to know:

1.  The Facebook Situation

I always hated Facebook business pages.  I vowed to never have one and collected all kinds of strangers as “friends” on my personal profile.  But then the combination of an unpleasant online encounter (imagine that!) and an SEO “expert” who informed me that I MUST have a separate business page, pushed me to cull the personal page and do the biz page thing.

And then FB changed everything around and no one sees my business posts unless I pay for advertising.  Great.

And that SEO expert?  I swear to you that she just published a post suggesting ways to use your personal page as a business page.  Grrrrr….

Anyhoo, when I work hard to publish useful content and FB tells me “12 people saw this post, pay to reach more!” I want to throw things at the computer screen.

So listen up, if you follow my FB biz page, and you want to actually see what I post in your newsfeed, you must click “get notifications” which will pop up if you hover over the “Liked” button.  Like this:

get notifications 2nd

This option is apparently not available if you are accessing FB from your smartphone, so get thee to a real computer.

The more you interact with posts on FB, the more stuff you see by that person. So if you like what I share, please “like” it, share it, and click on the links that interest you.

2.  The Chance to Peek Behind the Curtain

Speaking of smartphones, I don’t have one.  On purpose.  I blame the downfall of society on the smartphone.  But that was before I discovered the amazing vegan fitness folks posting the most incredibly useful and inspiring stuff on instagram.  Now I’m probably going to have to eat my words.

I still don’t have a smartphone yet, but have sort of hacked my way into instagram and am using it as best I can.  I’ve been sharing all the behind-the-scenes snaps of day-to-day life in Emilyland.  Things like…

yogurtMy Breakfast (soy yogurt, berries, sugar-free granola)

sweet and sour veggies

My lunch (sweet and sour vegetables)

fur babyMy adopted daughter


My sweaty face (as per usual)

protein pancakeMy pancakes supreme (Oat protein pancakes with peanut-silan sauce, strawberries and kiwi!)

palm trees

My favorite running route

meatball sub

A recent vegan meatball sub with onions and peppers


The sunrise from my very own balcony

and much, much more…

So…  if you’re on instagram and want to join me, I’d be delighted to see you there, it’s going to be a lot of fun.  I am @TriumphWellness.  Of course.

3.  Classes

It is indeed time for me to start offering some group classes again.  I have some PTSD about the whole dang thing, but BOLD in 2014 and all that jazz, so this is going to happen. I am saying it here and now so I will be accountable to doing it.

Because the way my business has developed internationally, I have decided there will be in-person classes for people here in Israel, and online classes for those of you who live elsewhere.  I have NO idea how exactly to make it happen but I know what I want to teach and why, so somehow…

Again, I ask for your support in helping me promote.  I’d love to see any of you in attendance, but if it’s not for you, please pass any info on to people who you think would be right up my alley.  nohecklersplease

deep. breath. big. courage.


  1. I’m coming to a group class. Let me know when and where!

  2. Lissa Goldman says:

    I want to come to a group class!! Count me in!!

    • Emily Segal says:

      You guys are so cute – you don’t even know what I’ll be teaching! That’s what I call support! 🙂 So Lissa and Ruth, if you see this, what would you LIKE me to teach? You can email or PM on FB if you prefer. What would be the ideal class or class series?

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