The Next Goal

So I left you off as we were in the home stretch of preparing for Passover.  Truly it was a little intense to have one week between completing my marathon and getting Passover-ready.  But once we were into the holiday itself, I had plenty of time to relax.  Like much of the Israeli population, we spent the week traveling from place to place, visiting museums, hiking the land, and picnicking.

Here’s a little photo recap:


Holon Design Museum

The Negev

Yafo / Jaffa

Alas, vacations must come to an end.  We packed up the Pesach plates for another year, we re-stocked our pantries, and attempted to return to a somewhat normal life.  For me, this period of time was yet another one of adjustment.  All of a sudden, I was goal-less, after being so focused on completing one major goal for so long.  Luckily my friend Andrea had cleverly reminded me, before I even ran the race, that last year I got depressed when the race and bar-mitzvah were over and I had nothing to work towards.  So after taking a few weeks of break, I now I am ready for my next goal, which is….  

Start preparing for next year’s race!  I know that sounds crazy, but here’s the very honest deal:  I want to be better physically.  I want to be lighter and I want to be in better shape.  It’s not just for the race, but I do like how the race gives me an anchor event to work for.  As time marches on and age accumulates, my body is becoming less forgiving of dietary sloppiness and incomplete physical training.  My hormones have been ridden roughshod by race training and my blood sugar is becoming increasingly difficult to control.  I need to tighten the screws a bit on my plan.

There are 11 months until the next Tel Aviv Marathon.  The next 5 months will be devoted to slimming down and strengthening up, and the following 6 months will be devoted to race training hopefully in a way that enables me to keep the muscle.  I know it seems strange, but long-distance run training cannibalized a lot of my muscle.  I know what mistakes I made, but I don’t think I can implement the changes I need to make without professional help.  

Therefore, I’ve signed a 3-month contract with a new health coach here in Israel to help me achieve my first-half  goals.  Then I plan on hiring a personal trainer who specializes in long-distance running to take me the rest of the way.  I am looking for such a person in the Sharon area if you have any recommendations.

Want to come along for the ride?  I’ll be logging my food over on sparkpeople and will open my tracker to public so those of you who have accounts there can follow along with what I’m eating.  My plan is  a super high-nutrient plant-based vegan diet combined with cross-training and strength training.  No sugar.  Not sure about gluten yet.  I will limit it for sure, but I’m not ready to completely nix it unless I see that I really can’t get my hormones back in balance by eating the occasional wrap or pita.   

I’m going to drop my running distance way back – no more than 10k on long-run days – usually much shorter.  I’m keeping Spinning at least 2 times a week because I must get the endorphins to stay happy.  But aside from that I am going to do something different every single day, keeping it functional and well-rounded without further damaging my adrenals.

My coach and I will be working specifically on the mental aspect.  She’s a graduate of the Ford Institute (as well as IIN), so we’ll be getting all Jungian and Shadowy.  I will share here as I can.

You know, I didn’t know if I was going to share all this here.  It’s hard to be so transparent when you’re the coach and to admit that you too need coaching.  But I feel good after writing this.  Having the marathon process so public really pushed me to accomplish it.  At times I REALLY regretted how public it was!  But it felt so supportive to know how many people out there were pulling for me.  So, as much as my sharing hopefully helps you, know too how this accountability also helps me.  Thank you!

Now, who’s coming with me this time?


  1. Jax Koresh says:

    Emily we have never met, but through others we have become FB friends. I have to say that as time goes on I see how much you have evolved and become a source of inspiration for myself and others. Your blogs are a delight to read and your recipes are wonderful. veganism at it’s best . Basic ingredients , none of the faux veganism that I find on so many other sites.

    Keep up the good work, I for one am a huge fan of yours.

    Keeping it real,

    Jax Koresh

  2. hey! i’d love to check out your sparkpeople page but the link isn’t working. is it set up yet? thanks!

    • Emily Segal says:

      Hi K,
      Yes, it’s been set up and in use for many years! You have to be logged into your sparkpeople account to see it I believe. Do you have a sp account? Did you try to get through that link when you were logged in to your account? If yes and it’s still not working, send me your spark name and I’ll friend you:

  3. em-
    you are an inspiration and as we all know, but maybe don’t always want to admit, coaches need coaches too!
    no shame in that. kol hakavod on setting your next big goals and i’m looking forward to the ride!


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