Let’s Race! Part One

OK, here’s the deal.  As most of you know (because I rarely shut up about it), I am planning on running the Full Tel Aviv Marathon on March 30, 2012 in honor of my 45th birthday.  I have run 3 Half Marathons, but never a full and it has long been a dream of mine.  Frankly, I have no idea how I will run a full marathon, when half marathons seem pretty much the limit of my ability, but I strongly believe that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Continuing with the well-worn sayings, “Misery Loves Company”, which is why I’m planning to take as many of YOU on this journey with me as possible.

And I don’t mean vicariously, chicas!

My dream/plan/desire, is to form a racing TEAM of participants all over the world, competing in any sort of sporting event and using this blog as Motivation Central to cheer one another on, get and stay inspired and on track.

It doesn’t matter if you have never run, biked, or swum before (What’s the deal with English past participles and why can’t I remember how to use them?)  We are each going to choose an event, in a time, place, distance and sport convenient for us.

ANYONE can participate in a race!  Every race that I have run in, there have been fat people and out-of-shape people and old people and handicapped people.  In the Tel Aviv Half Marathon there were religious Jewish women running in skirts and headscarves and I even saw one Muslim woman running completely covered up!

And I must mention that the reason I saw all those various people is because they all PASSED me.  I am slow and you can be too.  What’s the rush?  If you pick a race and need to walk it, fine, you will have lots of company.  I am not going to run the marathon for speed this time, but rather just to finish it.  The power is in the intention, the planning, the effort and hopefully the completion.  You can set whatever kind of goal you wish.

Honestly, just set aside your excuses and step up to the plate.  I swear your life will be eternally changed for the better.

So…  our first step is to choose a race.  I am going to refer you to this post on No Meat Athlete about how to choose your first race, HERE.  Then come back and bookmark these sites so you can investigate and choose a race that suits you.

My only requirement is that you choose a race within 12 months from now.  My race is a full 9 months away but my preparation is already underway although not in the way you might expect.  I’ll explain in an upcoming post.

I’m giving you a full week to let this idea percolate and to explore different possibilities.  By next Wednesday I want you to all have an event in mind.  I’m not sure what format will suit us best, either the comments section, or maybe a facebook page or sparkpeople team?  But I want to keep it public so the chickens people who think they aren’t ready yet, can be inspired.

The Tel Aviv Marathon site is HERE.  There’s a Full Marathon (42.2 km), a Half Marathon (21.1km), a 10-K and a 10% race (4.2K).

The Jerusalem Marathon site is HERE.  They’ve got a Marathon, Half and a 10K.

The Israel Women’s Triathlon in Herzliya is HERE.  You can do various lengths and even put together a relay team with 2 other women, each taking one sport.

For those who read Hebrew, you can find a full calendar of races and events at Shvoong, HERE.

For races internationally check HERE.  North America, check HERE.  Or just google the name of your city and “race” and see if anything comes up.  Almost every town has a turkey trot or charity race.  Kfar Saba and Raanana also have local races.

So your assignment for the week is to find a race, sign up if it’s soon, and post it in the comments section here.  I will be giving a shout out to all who are participating!

Don’t worry yet about how to train and what to eat, what to wear etc etc.  I will be walking you through all of it, OK?  Free coaching, community support, public accountability, how great is this?!

Come on, claim your medal!


  1. Corrie Beebe says:

    Okay Em! In light of my earlier universe recognition that I should do the Helvetia Half or 10k next year, since I did it in 2006 and 2009 so 2012 would be appropriate, I am going to sign up. I haven’t decided on the distance yet, but have already started recruiting some friends to participate, too. (A little extra motivation never hurt, right??) The event is June 9, 2012. There is a 10k and a half marathon. EEEPP!

  2. Can my already registered for half marathon in December 2011 count? Gonna walk, but hoping to run 10k of it in some way, either the first half or intervals – as soon as I get the migraines under control.

  3. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of tnghis like that?

  4. Holy concise data btaman. Lol!


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