How to Dissolve Fear

I have a few recipe posts waiting in the wings, but first have some good stuff to share.

1.  The 2nd annual WISH Summit is underway.  WISH stands for Women’s International Summit for Health and it is founded and headed up by Tera Warner of the Raw Divas.  WISH is 40 days of amazing interviews with some of the top names in health, spirituality, finanial health, business, sexuality, and creativity.  Tera is an excellent interviewer and things rarely get boring!

I download the talks onto my ipod and listen while I am running or doing chores.  In fact, I am still listening and re-listening to some of the amazing talks from last year’s summit!  I keep hearing new things.  This year’s summit has also been wonderful and I have already had a ton of light bulb moments as I listen. My favorite speakers so far are EFT Master Carol Look, comedian Kyle Cease, and writer and physician Bernie Siegel.  The program is totally free and you can listen to past talks as well.  You can sign up HERE.  This is not an affiliate program.  I am just recommending it because it’s great.

2.  The Tel Aviv Marathon is in 11 days and I am in taper mode, which means short, easy runs to keep up fitness levels without tearing down muscles or courting any injuries.  I am as trained as I’m gonna be!

An amazing thing has happened in terms of my previous high level of terror and fear surrounding this race.  While listening to one of the WISH talks I mentioned above, new age comedian Kyle Cease described a technique he uses to beat stage fright and to allow himself to be more in the zone during performances.  Instead of doing affirmations like “I am running the Tel Aviv Marathon successfully”, you say “Remember when I ran the Tel Aviv Marathon and it was so fun and so inspiring?  Remember how the spectators were so great and there was so much camaraderie with the other runners?  Remember how the sky was so blue and the city and the sea looked so beautiful?  Remember how wonderful and strong I felt the whole way through and how proud and excited I was when I crossed the finish line?”

So instead of making an affirmation that is off in the future somewhere, you put what you want to happen in the past.  Then your mind looks on it like it already happened.  When I started doing this, I found that 1.) much of my nervousness dissipated and 2.) I realized that my main goal in doing this race is to have fun!  Sure I have other reasons why I want to do it, but having FUN while doing it is really the most important thing.  I actually am thinking about bringing a camera along with me!

3.  black toenail

This is my toe.  It is half purple and the nail is contemplating jumping ship.  It is seriously cramping the having fun part of running a marathon!  Apparently this toenail business happens often to marathoners and it’s not a big deal except that it hurts like the dickens and I am a little worried about it coming off right before or during the race.  If just talking about this is grossing you out, do NOT google “black toenail syndrome”!  I hereby promise to not post any pictures grosser than this one.

Do you think it will help me to say “Remember when my toenail spontaneously healed before I ran the Marathon?”  I will try anything.

4.  One of the things I worked on with my coach Karen, is being brave enough to refine the direction of my business.  The thing I am truly most passionate about is eating compassionately without harming animals.  That has gotten lost in the shuffle of working with everyone no matter how they want to eat.  So as I slowly re-align myself with my core values, I am looking for writing opportunities that fit better than some of the websites I have previously written for.  Case in point The Vegan Woman!  This website is truly head and shoulders above the rest, with fantastic writers and an extremely talented and organized editor.  The amount of synchronicity that happened around this transpiring for me was truly stunning.  Remind me to tell you about it one day.

My first article for them is up and it’s all about why some people lose tons of weight when they go vegan and others don’t.  Why Did the Magical Vegan Weight Loss Skip Me? can be found HERE.  Please visit, look around, participate, comment, re-post and re-tweet whatever you find useful.  I greatly appreciate your support in this new endeavor!  If there is any vegan topic you want me to cover over there, just let me know.

Oh, and if you are a happy omnivore with no interest in plant-based living, and you have been on the fence about working with me, do it NOW.  I am not sure how much longer I will be working with people who are not in some way interested in vegetarianism or veganism.

“Remember when I started devoting my business to Plant-Based Nutrition and it was so wonderful and successful?”

I think I just said that out loud…

… and the fear is gone!


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