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Hi my friends.  I have been writing up a storm lately – just not here.  I wanted to share with you some of the articles I have written that you may not have seen:

Interview-with-Dr.-Neal-Barnard-186x1071.  I edited an amazing article for Sivan at TheVeganWoman.com about an interview she did while on the Vegan Cruise with Dr Neal Barnard.  Wow, I knew that Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is an incredible organization, but I was SO impressed when I learned more about just how incredible they are!  Talk about going way out on a limb, being maligned and misunderstood, and still staying strong and true to the message you believe in!  I was massively inspired by this article and interview and really, really needed to hear it.  (I get discouraged sometimes, you know).  You can find that article here:

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Neal Barnard

2.  Also over at The Vegan Woman, I applied the Stages of Change to 41517627785129667_trHrtvaA_fveganism, to help us all understand why some people are not ready to turn to a healthier diet even when their life is in danger.

How to Help Others Go Vegan by Meeting them Where they Are



image3.  Lastly at The Vegan Woman, I wrote an article about Vegan Women Body Builders.  As I have mentioned on the blog, I have been getting more and more into strength training and am working with my own lifting coach.  I had such a wonderful time interviewing these inspiring, ethical, women athletes with  for my article!  The article also showcases the all vegan Plant-Built Team that swept a recent body building competition, beating out meat eaters with their incredible 100% vegan physiques!  The fact that no animal suffered or died to build those physiques just goes to show that we do not need animal flesh or secretions to live our healthiest and strongest lives. (photo of, and with courtesy of, the incredible, compassionate, and kind, Yolanda Presswood)

Plant-Powered: Vegan Women’s Body Building

4.  Along the same lines, I was privileged to be asked to submit an article to the new Vegan Women’s Fitness Magazine, Definition.  Definition is a free online magazine that came out yesterday and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!  Filled with wonderful content, I have my weekend reading lined up!  My article was on some common pitfalls in the vegan diet and how to avoid them – content I also discussed in the recent Vegan Nutrition classes I gave in Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv.

Download Definition Here

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.24.24 AM

As for food, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting recipes much. BUT, you can see what I’ve been making and eating over on my instagram page!  All kinds of great stuff like this…

instagram collage

If you want to know what all those yummy looking dishes are and how I made them, you have to meet me over here:

Triumph Wellness on Instagram

So that’s a whole lot of “over there”, but don’t worry reader dear, my home will always be here on my blog where I can publish my posts full of typos and heart, frank honesty and made up words.  More soon…


  1. Yay for advocating that females lift weights! Double yay for writing about vegan bodybuilding! There are so many misconceptions in society regarding both of these topics. Great read =o)

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