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vegan nutrition coaching

A whole foods vegan diet based around plants has been proven to lower the risk of cancer, prevent new cancers from growing, reduce overweight and obesity without diets and restrictions, lower cholesterol, reverse diabetes, and send your energy soaring!  Not to mention it is the only compassionate choice in a world where Agri-business has reduced animals to mere commodities, rather than the living, breathing, feeling creatures that they really are.

But it’s so restrictive!  What will I eat?  How will I feed my family?  What will happen to my social life?  How will I meet my nutritional needs?

As an almost 30 year vegetarian and now a 5 year vegan, I have faced all of those questions and more.  I am delighted to tell you that since adopting a plant-based diet, my health and energy have soared!

Using my own personal experience and results, along with my Board-Certified Nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied directly with some of the top vegan nutrition experts in the world, I work with adults who are interested in transitioning to a more Vegetarian, Vegan or Plant-Based Diet.

I also help people who are already vegetarian or vegan  meet their Nutritional needs, lose weight, learn to cook and eat healthier, and even how to maximize athletic performance on a plant-based diet.

My Vegan Nutrition Program is right for you if you:

  • have seen Forks Over Knives and been inspired to seek those amazing health results for yourself
  • have been warned by your doctor that you must make dietary changes!
  • have worried about animal cruelty or the environmental impact of your food choices.
  • are struggling with high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, heart disease, erectile dysfunction or loss of libido.
  • want to make the plant-strong change while maximizing your nutrition and avoiding deficiencies.
  • have weight to lose but love eating a large volume and hate dieting and restricting
  • suffer from sugar addition or emotional eating which has prevented you from making healthy changes
  • have digestive issues, food allergies or gluten-sensitivities that have made you think you could never be a vegan
  • would like to learn new delicious recipes your entire family will love.

I also work with parents of Vegetarian children who feel like

“Help!  My child wants to be a Vegetarian!  What do I feed him?  How do I make sure she is eating healthfully?  He doesn’t even like Vegetables!  What will he eat?  What about protein?  Iron?  Calcium?” and more.

I myself have been a Vegetarian from the age of 16 when my mom plopped a jar of peanut butter on the table and said “Vegetarian?  Well, good luck with that!”  I survived and thrived and will make sure your child will as well.

I work with clients in person in Israel (Kfar Saba) or via phone or Skype anywhere in the world.  

This program is completely customizable.  As many sessions as you need, that’s how many we book.  No more, no less. Whatever topics you need addressed, we address.

Start with a single intro session so I can hear your story and you can get a feel for what I’m like.  No obligation to book any further sessions if that one session is enough.  You can see my schedule, book, and pay for your session by clicking the following calendar.  I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Not sure which program is right for you?  See this page.

Have questions? Read here.

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