You know that old saying about how you are what you eat?

I’ve got news for you.

It’s true.

In fact, my blood, bones, muscles and mind used to be made up of a kazillion pounds of sugar.  Do you know what that feels like?  If yes, then welcome to Triumph Wellness, pull up a chair.

Now imagine your blood, bones, muscles and mind made up of healthy, whole, natural food, cooked by a human being, not a machine in a factory, no chemicals, flavors, artificial this and chemicalized that.  Ah! Now, that’s what I talkin’ about!

At Triumph Wellness we say no more junk food!  No more fake food!  AND no more dieting, for Pete’s sake! No more living by someone else’s rules of what is good or bad for YOU.  Here at Triumph Wellness, you will learn to EAT and to do it well, in a way that

  • tastes great
  • makes you look like a million bucks
  • allows excess weight to drop off and never return
  • keeps a smile on your beautiful face
  • maintains peace in your household
  • opens the door to bigger and brighter things to happen in your life
  • stops that Yo-Yo Scale Ride once and for all!

If you are:

  • tired of feeling over-powered by Cravings and Emotional Eating
  • unhappily addicted to Sugar or Junk food
  • ready to make changes but wanting guidance and support to help you every step of the way
  • wishing there was a way to lose weight and keep it off without starvation and deprivation
  • confused about what foods are really healthy and how you should really be eating and/ or feeding your family
  • worried that your kids are following in your footsteps with their eating habits, health or weight
  • interested in learning more about natural whole foods, home cooking, and how to fit it all into your busy lifestyle
  • super-stressed, out of time, exhausted, ill, or wondering where your spark for life has gone

I invite you to schedule a 60-minute Introductory Breakthrough Session.  You will talk and I will listen.  When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?  Together we will come up with simple things you can do TODAY to start feeling better right away.

Imagine how it would feel to have someone in your corner, rooting for you, encouraging you, and guiding you?  Imagine that your coach is someone who has walked in your shoes, understands the struggles you are going through, and knows the simple way out. Now imagine she has also trained at the TOP Integrative Health and Nutrition School in the World with the most cutting edge teachers.  (And she’s also nice, has a great sense of humor, makes this whole process POSITIVE and fun.  Good Heavens, we have wasted so many years being sad and struggling with this – Enough!)

I work with people in every time zone in every part of the world so drop that excuse right there.

And if you’re not interested, or not quite ready yet, please hang around the website and come back often.  Pick up some great recipes and inspiration on my blog.  See if you jive with me, or if I turn you totally off.  (Hey, I’m not for everyone and neither are you!)  Sign up for my mailing list where once a month you will get helpful information you can apply in your own life (Sign-up box is on the home page – the place with the Free Starter Kit). Join my FREE Facebook support group where we kick up a whole lot of fun.

I’m really glad you are here and would absolutely love to hear from you.  Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, or email me directly at  Don’t be shy – if you resonate with what I’m saying, then take a big deep breath and reach out.  I know that first step is a BIG one and I promise to be gentle.  But, I’m totally not a phone person, so don’t even try that.

For more information about SPECIFIC programs, check these pages out:

My Gold Standard Transformational 4-month Program HERE.


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Interested in booking an Introductory Breakthrough Session? There is no obligation to continue if you find it is not for you. Just fill in the blanks and Emily will get right back to you!