A Few of My Favorite Things #1

I am online A LOT.  There is just so much amazing stuff to read and fascinating people to meet!  If you play with me on Facebook or twitter, you see some of the things that I read, love and pass along.  But some of you don’t, so I want to start sharing on the blog.  If you find things you’d like me to share here – maybe a blog post you wrote or something you want to promote, email it to me at healthcoachemily@gmail.com.

buried treasure

I’ve dug up a bunch of awesome randomness!

1.  Yesterday, my friend Olivia and I spent the day together in Tel Aviv.  Olivia is a brilliant acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in women’s fertility and reproductive health.  Her website is: http://www.fertilitivi.co.il/.

We went out to lunch at Taste of Life, (Taam HaHaim in Hebrew), located at 43 Ben-Yehuda Street in central Tel Aviv.   Taste of Life is a vegan, health food restaurant run by people who are, as near as I can tell, members of the Black Hebrews group.  The food was the YUMMIEST!  Apparently on Tuesdays they have a little buffet and you can choose whatever dish you want for 10nis per dish.  Olivia chose Shepherd’s Pie, Sweet Potato Croquettes, and Seitan with Mushrooms.  I had a Creamy Gluten-Free Noodle Vegetable Dish and Some Tofu Balls.  Every single thing was super delish.  The chef was circulating so I asked (begged) for hints about the creamy noodle recipe but other than telling me it was based on “soy milk and spices” she was closed-lipped.  She said she’s writing a cookbook.  I hope she hurries.  Anyway, the place was upscale and clean and shiny (some vegan places are not, if you know what I mean) and the rest of the menu looked awesome too.  I saw a peanut butter shake which although I didn’t order, I came home to replicate.  They don’t have a website and don’t seem particularly keen on self-promotion, but you can get the details HERE.

2.  THIS guest post by Susan Lacke over on the Healthy Tipping Point blog, is probably the best thing I’ve ever read.  I wish I had written it.  In it, Susan describes how once she thought healthy eating and exercising people were obnoxious and annoying.  One day she reached her tipping point and went on the swim that would completely change her life.  Please read it.  Totally awesome. “Running is for Crazy People” HERE.

3.  To continue the story of Susan and Carlos from above (I assume this is the same Carlos), THIS post, again by Susan Lacke.  Quite often, when a person with a healthy lifestyle gets cancer despite all the care they took with their diet and fitness, the unconvinced jump on it “See!  What’s the point of working out and eating right when you can still get cancer?!  I would rather eat crap and lie on the sofa!”  Well, I wouldn’t.  It’s called Quality of Life.  There are no guarantees but why not make the most of the time you’ve got by enjoying your healthy body to the fullest?

4.  Along the lines of making the most of life and to prove that I am anything BUT all-vegetables-and-no-play, THIS super cool blog about not your run of the mill tourist spots.  I’ve been to 3, yay!

5.  Finally, THIS Indian wedding.  Totally not in connection with anything else, but I LOVE this wedding video!  The style, the colors, the ceremony, oy!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer as much as this fur-baby is!

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  1. Corrie Beebe says:

    I have been to one of them…the amazing places…Multnomah Falls! I even hiked all the way to the top and have pictures to prove it. 🙂 Thank you for these beautiful posts. Very inspiring and breathtaking. We can learn so much from people like Susan and Carlos. And you!

  2. Emily! What a joy to start the day after reading your blog. It is such a great collection of inspirational words, gorgeous colors and beautiful sights … thank you!


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